My name is Anna

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

My family an I moved 1993 from Ukraine to Germany. My parents, professional philharmonic dancers, sadly realized that our life – and especially my future – won’t be really good in Ukraine. So they decided to start a new life in a foreign country. Germany wasn’t good to us in the beginning. My parents hat to work harder than anyone else ‚to prove their right to live in Germany‘. Later, as an adult, my time had come to fight as a foreigner for ‚my right to be treated like a German‘.But we made it!



Fashion has alway been a part of my life – somehow. As you can imagine, because of my lovely mother. She has encouraged me to not just only wear clothes, but to have fun and being creative with my styles – and more important, to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays I have found my own way, between normal and outstanding, to handle my style and that’s what I am showing you on Instagram. Beyond that, life gave me so many partly funny and super hard experiences, I want to share with you. And exactly that is happening here.

I hope you enjoy reading and watching my content.






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