My name is Anna

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

On August 19th, in Ulaanbataar/Mongolia, my mother gave Birth to a girl – me. How did that happen? My parents were full-time philharmonic dancers and touring Asia. Of course, my mother was not allowed to dance anymore, but she accompanied my father and all colleagues. Time passed and in 1993 my family and I moved from Ukraine to Germany. My parents sadly had come to realize that our life – and especially my future – won’t be very promissing in Ukraine. So they decided to start over new in a foreign country. At the very beginning Germany wasn’t welcoming. My parents were trying their very best to fit and lead an adequate life. Later, as an adult, it would be my turn to fight for my place in the sunamidst German society. Thankfully, everything turned out fine in the end.










Fashion has alway played a great part of my life somehow. I definately owe it to my lovely mother. She has encouraged me to not just simply wear clothes, but to experience a certain thrill choosing an outfit an be creative with my styles – more importantly, she tought me to dare to stand out from the crowd. These days, I have found my own way – somewhere between normal and outstanding, but always a hundred percent me. That is exactly what I am showing you on Instagram. There is a life beyond, of course, and so I would also like to share some of my experiences, adventures and thoughts aside from catwalks and glamour. These stories range from serious or informative to rather comical even.

I hope you enjoy reading and watching my posts and videos.

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